Inspired Décor takes immense pride in turning houses into dream homes with our exquisite selection of window treatments! Today, we are thrilled to share our passion for Roman blinds and explore how these stylish window dressings can elevate the ambience of your home, guesthouse, hotel, or lodge. Whether you are a homeowner, homemaker, interior designer, or lodge owner in South Africa, Roman blinds offer a perfect blend of functionality and elegance to suit your unique style.

Taking Measurements for Roman Blinds

Roman blinds come in many shapes and sizes. Therefore it’s crucial to ensure a perfect fit for your windows. Start by measuring the outside width of the window frame at the top, middle, and bottom, recording the largest measurement. Next, measure the outer height of the window frame from where you want the Roman blind to start above the window down to where you want it to finish. Take three measurements – left, middle, and right – and record the largest one. For blinds installed outside a window recess, we recommend extending the blind 7 to 10 cm to each side of the recess and approximately 7 to 10 cm above and below the window for adequate coverage and a polished appearance when closed. To ensure smooth blind operation, be mindful of window sill protrusions; if the sill extends more than 5 cm from the recess, the blind might need to stop at sill level to avoid interference. Always use a metal tape measure for precise results, as fabric tapes can lead to inaccuracies. Additionally, measure each window individually, even if they appear to be the same size, as slight variations are common.

Are Roman Blinds Suitable for Bathrooms and Kitchens?

While Roman blinds add charm to most rooms in your home, lodge, or hotel, it’s essential to consider the environment when choosing fabrics. In damp places like kitchens and bathrooms, traditional fabrics may not be suitable, as they can accumulate dust and mouldy due to humidity. For kitchens and bathrooms, we recommend opting for fabrics like polyester and cotton blends or 100% cotton. These materials are easy to clean and can withstand the challenges of humid rooms. Luxurious fabrics such as taffeta, velvet, and faux silks, while striking, may not be the best choice for such spaces as they can show moisture damage more prominently.

How Can You Accentuate the Size of a Room With Blinds

One of the remarkable features of Roman blinds is their ability to accentuate the size of a room. For instance, if you have a living room with high ceilings, consider using Roman blinds with horizontal stripes to emphasize the height of the space. The strategic use of patterns and designs can create an illusion of depth and make the room feel more open and welcoming. By selecting the suitable appearance and colour for your blinds, you can creatively enhance the proportions of your room, making it feel more spacious and inviting.

Deciding on Fabrics & Linings for Roman Blinds

The choice of fabrics and linings is crucial when it comes to the appearance and durability of your Roman blinds. Direct sunlight can cause the fabric and lining to fade, so you’d need to consider the harsh South African sun. For crisp and sharp folds, use lightweight fabrics like faux silk, taffeta, and cotton blends. If you prefer a more substantial and professional look, heavier fabrics like velvet, chenille, and pure wool are excellent choices. Additionally, linings not only support the structure of the blinds but also protect them from fading due to sunlight.

Complementing Your Blinds With Contrasting Shades

For a stunning and vibrant look, don’t hesitate to play with contrasting shades and colours. Mix and match fabrics and tones that complement your existing decor, creating a captivating and harmonious display. Combine light and medium-weight fabrics with velvet, woollen, or satin ribbons in contrasting hues for a visually striking effect. This creative approach adds depth and visual interest to your Roman blinds, making them a focal point of your interior design.

Double Drapery

An emerging trend in contemporary interior design is the combination of Roman blinds with sliding curtains, offering both style and functionality. This pairing not only enhances the overall aesthetics of your windows but also provides practical advantages such as improved light control and enhanced insulation. For windows facing the South or East in Durban, adding another layer of fabric can effectively block excess light and reduce light bleed. Additionally, coupling plain Roman blinds with finely printed curtains in contrasting colours can create a playful and exceptional look, especially in kids’ rooms.

Roman blinds are a versatile and sophisticated choice for homeowners, interior designers, and lodge owners across South Africa. By styling, measuring, and complementing them thoughtfully, these window treatments have the power to transform your living spaces into captivating and inviting environments. At Inspired Décor, we offer a wide range of modern Roman blinds to suit every taste and preference, ensuring your home reflects your unique style. Contact us today for a free quote and embrace the elegance of Roman blinds in your living space, office, or guest lodge.

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