Roman Blinds

Simple Elegance Dressed in Endless Ways

Simplicity that can be dressed in endless ways. From classic to contemporary and more, Roman Blinds have a way of warming up any space they inhabit. Not only are these shades very appealing, but we also offer an extensive fabric selection, making them entirely customisable and ready to suit your space.

Our fabric collection consists of sheer, translucent and block-out blind fabrics to cover all applications. Whether you like it to feel formal, fluffy, feminine, clean or romantic, our collection is an inviting choice for smart styling.

About Roman Blinds

Our Roman Blinds in Durban are a type of window covering used to block out the sun, adding the perfect accent to your sunny Durban home or office. What makes Roman shade blinds different from standard window blinds is the way that they stack up evenly when being opened. However, when open, they are visibly smooth rather than bumpy or ribbed like typical vertical window coverings.

The soft, clean pleats and lines of Roman Shades bring an indulgent aura to a room without the bulky or heavy look which is sometimes the result of more traditional curtains. These blinds work by gathering panels of material horizontally and vertically with fabric cording. So, when your blinds are pulled tight, they will open, allowing the room to be bathed in light, but when dropped, they provide the perfect seclusion for privacy and light exclusion.

Want to know more about the features of these blinds? Get in touch with Inspired Décor today and create your custom Blinds in Durban from a variety of fabrics and colours. Our broad range of shades will suit any window in your home or office.

Why Roman Blinds

  • \As one of the most customizable blinds you will ever come across, we offer an array of fabrics and colours to choose from.
  • \Because the choice of fabric affects the price, you can easily work within your budget.
  • \The quality and thickness of the materials of your roman blinds will play a large role in how well they control temperature and light.
  • \Thicker fabrics will expel light and heat in the summer, and retain it well in the winter months.

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Shop Roman Blinds as window dressing options around your space. Because they’re so simple to use, they are the perfect accentuation for any room and adapt to all environments.

Last but not least, the best feature of all is that Roman Blinds are timelessly elegant. Roman blinds add a touch of enduring sophistication to any space. Their classic design transcends trends, ensuring your windows will always be beautifully dressed.

Find your stylish alternative to curtains with our made-to-measure Roman Blinds. Easy to install and space-efficient, browse through the Inspired Décor catalogue for your next renovation inspiration.

They can even be motorised if you wish.