Classic Dressing to Suit Any Ambience

Curtains will give any room in your Durban home, hotel or guesthouse an elegant, luxurious feel while throwing in the added benefits of insulation, privacy and light control. If you’re looking to dress up a room, you will not go wrong with these window coverings! Customised Curtains give you the freedom to order window treatments that meet your vision perfectly. We have a simple with our stress-free buying process.

Get in touch if you’d like to browse our broad range of fabrics, textures and styles. We have it all from rich, chic and bold colours to subtle neutrals for a contemporary look.


Select your own unique made-to-measure drapes, accessories and final designs to suit your decor. Just a few options for you to choose from include wave fold, eyelet, rod pocket, gather tape, pencil pleat, reverse pleat, pinch pleat and more.

As we said, you are the designer!

Our goal is not for your window treatments to just be a finishing touch, we want your custom curtains to be the source of your ideal aesthetic. They are the key to classic versatile window dressing, always homey and our fabrics come in an ample range of shades.


Sheer curtains can add subtle detail to your windows and they look great when layered with heavier drapes or blinds as they add a soft and tactile element to your window dressing scheme.

Add character to any room with our range of sheer or voile fabrics. Sheer fabrics can provide daytime privacy without compromising that gorgeous natural light. They can create an endless array of stylish window furnishing combinations, just say the word and we’ll get right to it.

Stylishly adorn your windows today. Start with an obligation-free quotation from Inspired Décor.


Curtains keep the sun out of your room, and they add an attractive touch to your windows. Linen is a soft, airy fabric that adds a chic and sophisticated air to any space. This material comes in a wide range of colors, patterns, and styles to suit every kind of home and every type of decor preference.


The perfect choice if you are looking for functional made-to-measure curtains that are made from a breathable fabric that can withstand the test of time. Get in touch with us today to get your free quote.

Polycotton Fabrics

Our polycotton fabrics are easy to sew and is suitable for making all types of curtain designs. So whatever colour, style, pattern or print of polycotton fabric you’re looking for we have superb collections for you to choose from. Polycottons are non-crease fabrics which are robust, versatile and durable making it the ideal fabric from which to make your soft furnishings.


Velvet curtains and drapes are easy to find at Inspired Decor. Whether you are choosing velvet for function or style, these drapes are sure to look great in your home. Velvet is a luxurious fabric that can bring any room together instantly. The great thing about looking for drapes is that the style and color options can work with any room’s decor needs.


Highly durable and easy to maintain, polyester made-to-measure curtains are custom manufactured of strong fibres resistant to fading, shrinking and stretching. A stylish product that is made to last.


Jacquard curtains are made from jacquard fabric, a textured fabric featuring woven patterns. Because the designs are woven and not printed, the material is durable, heavy, and often gives off a regal vibe. Typical patterns found on jacquard fabrics are florals, paisleys, or animal prints.


An excellent choice if you’re looking to reduce the amount of light and increase the amount of privacy in a room. Inspired Décor offers woven blockout fabrics and 100% blockout linings for your custom-made curtains. Giving you the freedom to purchase drapes that provide beneficial qualities without compromising on style.

Significantly increase the winter warmth and reduce summer heat by dressing your windows with blockout curtains while also protecting your furnishings from the sun and prying eyes.

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Our aim is to bring our vast array of products and design styles to you, in the comfort of your home or office. Allowing you to touch and feel our products, taking into consideration your Décor, the style of your rooms, colour schemes, lighting, privacy, energy efficiency, safety and security.