Laguna & Bamboo Roller Blinds

Understated Sophistication

Known as our natural collection, our Laguna and Bamboo Blinds have natural beauty, are rich in character and texture, adding eye-catching intrigue to any room. Our Bamboo and Laguna Blinds offer a wide selection of colours, styles and textures. Bringing inspiration and the truly unique wonder of nature indoors. Bamboo Blinds boast an air of understated sophistication and can work to either enhance or downplay your room, it’s versatile and environmentally friendly too. While our Laguna Blinds are the perfect traditional and colonial outdoor additions for any space looking to exhume a tropical aesthetic.

Go Green with Eco-Friendly Bamboo Blinds

Fun fact; did you know that bamboo is a grass? That is why Bamboo Roller Blinds are a great choice for those seeking eco-friendly window treatments. Bamboo grows much quicker than wood making it easier to regrow, without the use of considerable amounts of water. Choosing Bamboo Blinds over traditional Wooden Blinds means less strain on hardwood forests.

Love the look of bamboo and laguna blinds? We have just the thing.

Always In Style

It doesn’t hurt that Bamboo Blinds have been a steady favourite of interior designers for a long time. The natural woven materials aren’t the only thing that will catch the attention of your guests. Because bamboo shades are a naturally occurring material, they create warmth and texture in your home and provide a beautifully indigenous finish that will complement your décor.

If you are after a clean, elegant and effortless natural appearance, Bamboo Roller Blinds are the way to go.

Laguna Blinds

Laguna Blinds complement all types of work and living spaces, from modern contemporary, Balenesian or colonial, offering a warm natural ambience to your outdoor space. The blades from Laguna Blinds are extremely durable and are made from a palm species related to bamboo.

Naturally Enchanting

Interior designers love woven wood shades because they give any space a brand-new look using natural materials and textures. Available in a variety of wood types, textures, and colours, we’re certain that these shades will transform your interior design.

Clean & Tidy

Extremely easy to wipe down and maintain. These blinds are a great option if you have allergies, as well as households with small children. These natural materials don’t consist of any harsh toxins or chemicals.

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