Ecoplas Blinds

Style on a Sustainable Budget

If you are in the market for a versatile treatment solution for your windows, the Ecoplas Blinds from Inspired Décor are an economical alternative that will deliver the authentic natural look of real wood blinds. Allowing you to furnish your home or office in style without breaking the bank.

These Venetian Blinds are moisture-resistant, making them the perfect choice for moisture-prone areas of your home as well as the Durban coastal climate. You can let in that refreshing sea breeze or close them up to keep the chilly winter air out; the option is yours.

If you are looking for an authentic wood accent in your home, try our Ecoplas Venetian Shades on for size. The natural look of real wood blinds without the added cost, ask about our Ecoplas range today.

The More Affordable Style Choice

How these affordable blinds are made is through a composition of plastic and wood shavings that bind together seamlessly to create a smooth finish on the product. Because these blinds are made out of lightweight material and have a short stacking height, they are usually chosen as the accents for bathrooms and kitchens. These fare better than other blinds in humid and moist air.

Practical and versatile, you can do whatever you want with your Ecoplas Venetian Blinds. Available in a 50mm slat and in various colours to suit your style, we can measure your blinds to fit into your space seamlessly.

Eco-Supreme Venetian Blind

Otherwise known as Eco-supreme Venetian Blinds, our Ecoplas range is manufactured using PVC and advanced polystyrene polymers. This has led to a product that is resistant to warping, decolouration, peeling and cracking.

Each of our Ecoplas Blinds is complemented with matching tassels strings and rails. Ask about our Ecoplas Blinds to see the various options available to style your home or office.