Day and Night Blinds | Zebra | Eclipse 

Innovative & Revolutionary Shades

Our luxurious Double Roller range (also known as Day and Night, Eclipse or Zebra blinds), is composed of innovative and revolutionary lines that offer the best of all worlds. The sheer shades are designed for multi-functionality while maintaining the neat look of a roller when closed. All while being able to easily control the amount of light you let in like a blind.

Try out the delicate luxurious fabrics and varying functions of our Sheer Rollers. There is no question as to why these are one of our most popular products. As a worthy investment, read on to learn more about these innovative shades.

Day and Night Blinds

The Day and Night Blinds/Eclipse Blinds/ Zebra Blinds featured in the Inspired Décor catalogue have the ability to cater for all light control and privacy needs with a single product. This category of blinds is easily adjustable to provide a degree of light control while still leaving room for you to enjoy the views to the outside world as well as be easily adjustable to provide maximum privacy during all hours of the day and night.

This unique, double-layered roller blind is half regular roller blind, half voile and will revolutionize the way you shade your home or office, all while looking sharp.​

Features of Zebra Blinds

Zebra Blinds have two fabric facings with each having alternate opaque and translucent strips which can be aligned for complete light control and privacy.

These blinds allow you to transition seamlessly between sheer and privacy. The blinds roll up to open or close and while rolling, they can be adjusted so that the opaque stripes align – offering elegance, light control and privacy. Alternatively, you can align the translucent section to allow daylight to warm up the room.