We’re all very security-conscious in South Africa, especially when it comes to safeguarding our property and the people in it. But finding the perfect balance between aesthetics and safety isn’t always easy. Our country also offers some beautiful scenery to homeowners and lodges, especially to those situated in scenic or shoreline environments, and you don’t want to shut the outside world out completely. At Inspired Décor, we understand your needs and bring you an innovative solution: ShutterGuard® security shutters. Let’s investigate the outstanding properties of this window treatment and why these aluminium security shutters are gaining popularity among coastal homes.

What Sets ShutterGuard® apart?

Many window treatments offer practical security barriers, but only a few look as good as they work. Bolstered burglar bars and security gates give you the protection you want, but they aren’t exactly the epitome of sophistication. With ShutterGuard®, security meets elegance. Crafted from high-quality aluminium, the patented two-way locking system ensures a level of protection that is virtually impenetrable. A 3.4cm bolt secures the top track when locked, and the Cisa system allows you to lock the shutters with a unique security key. A 6cm patented bolt secures the shutters to the floor, leaving no leverage for potential break-ins. The louvre lock pin adds an extra layer of security, making the entire close difficult to breach. ShutterGuard® has successfully passed stringent security tests, providing peace of mind for homeowners, homemakers, and businesses.

Types of Security Shutters by ShutterGuard®

ShutterGuard® offers a variety of security shutter options to suit different needs. Whether you’re looking for shutters for windows, doors, or both, Inspired Décor has you covered. Since the aluminium security shutters won’t crack, split, warp or rust, you can confidently install them indoors or outdoors. The louvres are adjustable, allowing you to control light, noise, and temperature in any space. Whether you’re looking to beautifully secure your home, hotel, guesthouse, or lodge, ShutterGuard® aluminium security shutters will leave you beyond satisfied. You can take your pick between various shutter types, including bi-fold, cottage style, bi-pass, slider, floating, and cottage arch. Not only can the fitting be customised, but also the colour! ShutterGuard® Aluminium Security Shutters are the essence of functionality, security, style, and elegance. Request a quote on the style and colour shutters you want, and Inspired Décor will work our magic.

The Benefits of ShutterGuard® Security Shutters

With ShutterGuard® aluminium security shutters, sophistication has never been so easy to maintain. These indoor and outdoor security shutters are crafted from high-quality materials to ensure maximum durability. The hard-wearing aluminium shutters feature weatherproof technology and a professional finish, ensuring continuous usage over long periods of time. Aside from their aesthetic appeal, ShutterGuard® aluminium security shutters are unparalleled when it comes to keeping you, your family, and your guests safe. The impeccable security features have been rigorously assessed and passed the test every time. When you choose ShutterGuard® aluminium security shutters, you can rest easy knowing that you’ve opted for the highest-quality security shutters available on the market.

Will Security Shutters Influence My Insurance Premium?

ShutterGuard® window security shutters are designed to withstand forced entry, break-ins, and vandalism. They are made from high-impact aluminium that can endure any type of force. The security shutters are also an excellent crime deterrent because of the challenging barrier to entry. Personal safety aside, choosing security shutters in South Africa will actually help to reduce your insurance premium. Your insurance premium is calculated based on numerous factors, including where your property is located and the security features of your property. ShutterGuard® window security shutters are recognised as a security barrier by most short-term insurers. Please consult your insurer for details about their policy.

You want to make your home a haven (or protect your guesthouse or lodge), but you also want to let in light, control temperature, and enjoy the stylish environs. ShutterGuard® window security shutters give you the benefit of both worlds. Contact Inspired Décor for your obligation-free ShutterGuard® quote and enjoy the best safety features without compromising the aesthetics of your space.


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