Roller Blinds

Functional & Gorgeous

For blinds that come in fashionable fabrics, colours and textures while offering a sleek design, modern styles, open views and controlled lighting, look no further than Roller Blinds. Inspired Décor stocks blinds that match the latest trends in textiles, fashion, design and fabric.

With more than a hundred elegant fabrics to choose from, Inspired Décor has the ultimate selection to suit your tastes.

Our collection boasts linen frock textures, classic polyester and a myriad of other styles in between. If you are looking to create that perfect blend of calm, balanced and functional, you have come to the right collection. Not only do they look good, but they also work just as well. For Roller Blinds in Durban, perfect for heat control and light management, browse our catalogue.

Defining Our Various Fabric Finishes

  • \Screen fabrics - These fabrics block UV rays and reduce energy costs all while keeping your view uninterrupted. Screens are best suited for larger windows.
  • \Light filtering fabrics - These are sheer in finish and allow natural light to enter your space. Creating a decorative atmosphere, these filter light through for a soft, natural glow.
  • \Dimout fabrics - Diffuse light in your home or office. These blinds are 90% blockout and impede the view into and out of your interior. Often used in dining rooms, living rooms and kitchens these fabrics let some light into the room.
  • \Blockout fabrics - These allow for complete privacy and darkness thanks to the coating on the reverse side of the fabric. Blockout fabrics completely shut out the light making them perfect for rooms that you wish to be private like your bedroom, nursery or boardroom. We offer different fabric finishes to suit your interior décor.

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Our aim is to bring our vast array of products and design styles to you, in the comfort of your home or office. Allowing you to touch and feel our products, taking into consideration your Décor, the style of your rooms, colour schemes, lighting, privacy, energy efficiency, safety and security.