Double Roller Blinds

Plaswood Venetian Blinds

The Practical, Economical Alternative

Inspired Décor supplies Plaswood Venetian Blinds, the ideal window treatments for high humidity, extreme temperatures and direct sunlight. Plaswood Blinds are the economical, practical alternative to typical wooden blinds.

Ask for Plaswood Venetian Blinds for your home, as it is made in South Africa, perfect for the Durban climate as well as other areas in South Africa.

Characteristics & Advantages of Plaswood Blinds

  • \Resistant to direct sunlight and moisture
  • \Woodgrain texture
  • \Anti-static build-up
  • \Easy to clean
  • \Fire redundant

A Technological Breakthrough

Getting to the technical side of things. The impressive backstory of these types of blinds is that they are a technological breakthrough. They are made of a hard-wearing plastic as a composite material that creates a natural feeling for your space. The neat thing about Plaswood Blinds is that they look like authentic wood blinds but have the added advantage of being unaffected by humidity and fully washable.

Since these blinds are unaffected by humidity and moisture, they are perfect if you’re looking for that natural look in sunrooms, kitchens, bathrooms and for properties in the coastal areas. If your style leans toward natural luxury, you can install these blinds in your home for an authentic look and double the practicality and affordability. Enjoy your blinds for years to come as they will not split, crack or warp.

Browse through our Plaswood Venetian Blinds today and you will discover a myriad of textures and colours to choose from. Available in a 50mm slat that will suit windows of any size, these are the perfect addition to any home or office space.