Hurricane Aluminium Shutters

Low Maintenance Stylish Practicality

These Hurricane Aluminium Shutters will open up a room as well as control light, noise, and temperature. With this beauty in your home, you can weather the storms and bask in the sunlight on the loveliest of days.

Hurricane Aluminium Shutters were originally designed to protect windows and doors from storms and high winds without compromising the aesthetics of a space.

Suitable for both homes and offices.

Made of 100% aluminium construction, means little to no maintenance, even in coastal conditions. A simple wipe or hose down with fresh water keeps you shutters clean and crisp.

Suitable for both homes and offices, these stylish shutters are not only beautiful but are functional, durable, won’t rust, crack, split or warp, are easy to clean and come with up to 10 year warranties.

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